Terms & Conditions


NWS: NanosWaterSystem

Customer: The person who has used the product from NWS (as per the details completed in this Rental Agreement Online Schedule)

Product: Listed in Online Schedule

Upon clicking I agree, the customer is deemed to have agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.

Terms & Conditions

The customer hereby agrees to the Rental from NWS, the product as described in rental Agreement Online Schedule.

1. The Agreement shall be effective upon the execution of the same by the authorized representatives of NWS together with affixation of NWS rubber stamp. This product is used to the customer for his own domestic/ office use, and cannot be used by others and further the filtered water cannot be used for commercial purposes.

2. Installation
NWS will install the product in accordance with its standard installation procedures, as set out in the operational/ product manual enclosed with the product. Any installation not in complete compliance with its standard installation procedures must be approved by NWS and rectification work will be carried out by NWS’s authorized personnel at the customer’s costs.

3. Monthly Rental
The monthly rental payment commencement date is listed in Schedule A and all payments shall be made within 7 days of commencement date.

4. Late payment Charge
NWS reserves the right to impose a $5.00 as late payment charge per month on each overdue Rental Payment

5. Rescission of Agreement by the Customer
The Customer shall not rescind or terminate this Agreement without the prior written consent of NWS. If the Customer rescinds or terminates this Agreement without the prior written consent of NWS.

  1. For termination within the first 1st 30 days from the date of Rental, the refund, if any shall be only be made 90 days from the date of termination.
  2. For terminatiion after the first (1st) 30 days, the customer is required to five 12 months notice of termination.
  3. All other payments or charges paid to NWS by the customer would not be refunded, not with standing cClause 5(i) & (ii)

6. Termination of Agreement by NWS
NWS reserves the right to terminate the Agreement and retrieve the Product under the following circumstances:

  • The Customer is in arrears of three (3) monthly rental payments, or
  • The Customer is in breach of the use of this product or it’s filtered water, or
  • The customer is in breach of the use of the terms of this Agreement.Termination is only effective upon return of the said product from the Customer to NWS.

7. Assignment
NWS shall be at liberty at anytime with or without the concurrence of and without notice to the Customer to assign and transfer this Agreement or part thereof to any party and the costs and expenses incidental to such assignment shall be borne by the Customer. The Customer shall not anytime without prior written notice consent of NWS assign its liabilities and obligations hereunder or any part thereof.

8. Ownership of the Product and the duty of Care
a.) NWS has ownership of the Product during the cause of Rental. The Customer as a bonafide custodian must take the utmost care of the Product when using and cleaning it, any attachments such as ownership indicators on the Product should not be removed or tampered with. In the event the Product is damaged or destroyed at the rental address due to the negligence if the Customer or any persons, the Customer is liable to pay NWS for all damages.

b.) The Product shall not be modified or transferred to any Third Party. The Customer cannot move the product to a different address other than the Rental Address as stated in the Rental Agreement Online Schedule. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Customer may transfer the Product to a third party or move the Product to a different address other than Rental Address subject to prior consent in writing obtained from the NWS in which the NWS shall or shall not provide such consent at its absolute discretion without assigning any reasons thereof.


  • All payments to be made herein by the Customer to NWS shall be way of debiting of the Customer’s credit cards amount or any other modes of payment approved by NWS from time to time. The Customer shall upon signing this agreement, complete and execute the relevant payment Authorization from as annexed hereto.
  • NWS shall maintain the Product in accordance to its current maintenance policy. However, if the Product is used beyond its intended usage as determined by NWS, and NWS reserves the right to charge the Customer for such additional maintenance as NWS deems necessary.
  • From the date of the Rental of the Product at the Rental Address, the Customer or his representative, which includes without limitation the member of his household and servants, shall permit NWS or its service dealers with or without workmen at anytime, at convenient hours to enter into the Rental Address for purposes of examining the state and condition of the Product including without limitation for the purposes of maintaining the Product pursuant to Clause 9(b) above.
  • NWS shall be entitled to increase the Monthly Rental in order to take into account any increase in the operating costs of NWS, in respect of the Product including by not limited to any increase in the cost of labour, material and transport provided that the increase in the Monthly Rental shall not exceed 15% of the Monthly Rental.
  • If Rental cannot be effected due to any unreasonable act of Customer, NWS reserves the right to terminate the transaction and any fees paid by the Customer to NWS or its dealer will not be refunded.
  • The company reserves the right to amend or delete the terms and conditions without prior notice.