Water Filter for Home
Home Water Dispenser

“I’ve been using other water systems for the last 10 years. I’ve bought 2 other systems, and have junked it, before signing up for NanosWater. All these water filter systems have the same benefits. For us, the difference is in the support and service I receive after purchasing other water filters. And really, the last thing on my mind is remembering when I need to clean or change the water filter, because my family’s health does depend on it!”

Our pledge is to ensure the water quality in your home is checked and filters are maintained and changed for you on schedule. This is fuss-free water. Would you like to have filtered water in your home, or a water dispenser in your office? Read more about Why NanosWater here.
Choose if you want to rent a machine from $50 a month or buy it outright for $1680 and if you’re happy with our service, choose to have us continue serving you. Check our payment chart(scroll to the bottom!), for both rental and purchased units which calculates best option for your family or business!
Choose the system that would best suit your home or office. We have a model that will fit under the kitchen sink that runs without electricity, a compact filter that dispenses both hot and cold water, and a stylish floor stand dispenser unit that will suit a showroom or office pantry. Choose from our range of water filters and dispensers today.