What is the optimal pH for consumption?
  • 6.5 – 9.2 WHO Standard
What is Alkaline Water?
  • Simply put alkaline water is water with a pH higher then 7.0
  • The pH of water is the difference between how much hydrogen (h+) water has vs. how much hydroxyl (oh-) water has. Water consists of 2 parts, H+OH otherwise known as, H2O.
  • If you add minerals with more H in them then OH the pH goes down. If you add minerals with OH- in them then pH goes up. An equal amount of H+ and OH- will give you a 7 pH, which is neutral.
  • When water has more OH in it then it is alkaline. Water with less then 7 pH is acidic.
Filters- what do they do and how does it help me?
  • To filter out rust, mud, sediments, and other impurities from our tap water.
  • It is healthier to use water that has been filtered of the impurities named above, especially when we cook and make drinks for our family. Chlorine, especially is absorbed by rice very quickly. Watch this video.
How often do Filters need to be changed?
  • It’s depend on the usage, 10,000 litres or 12 months whichever comes first.
  • See this chart for our filter change program.
Should I buy or rent NanosWater System filters?
  • It’s depend on what you can afford at a single point in time. The prices work out to be more or less the same. However, the rental scheme is more affordable initially and over time. We will still service your NanosWater Filter if you purchase it out right from us for the first year. Subsequently, you can opt to for us to continue servicing for a service fee. See pricing table.
Why do I need service and support?
  • To ensure we are investing in good quality water for our family. Some water filters cannot remove chlorine after 3 or 6 months because they are clogged and need to be cleaned or changed.
  • In some cases, the pH drops to below 7 (which becomes acidic) after 6-9 months. We check our water filter’s quality regularly so that your family will receive the continued benefit of owning a water filter.
There are so many filters out there, why choose NanosWater?
  • Before we purchase any filter, 2 things we should be aware of the answers to these 2 questions.
  1. what is the most costly part of the water filter after the warranty period is over? The answer to that is Filters.
  2. what is the level of service and support, if the quality of water suddenly changes? Prior to purchasing any filter, please get a black and white from your sales consultant on their level of service and support.
  • For NanosWater, our filter costs are competitive and are upfront that we do charge a service + filter change fee, complete with checks especially for chlorine and acidity. If within that year you are in need of more maintenance, and support, we do not charge you anything extra.
What technology is behind this?
  • We use Japanese Technology, NanoSilver, which breaks down the water molecule cluster so that the water is easily absorbed by our body. Read more about Pi Water here.
Can I test the water myself?
  • Yes you can, if you are renting a NanosWater Filter, we will also provide the test every 6 months.
Is this machine environmentally friendly?
  • Yes, as long as there is a water point.
How is NanosWater different from other water filtration systems?
While each water filter system have benefits, NanosWater guarentee your experience and benefits from drinking filtered water by providing you the service and support, by:

  • servicing your filters bi-monthly,
  • checking for alkaline levels and chlorine leaks
  • replacing expired water filters on time,
  • providing you access to call us if should you discover a part of your filter is down due to wear and tear
  • we will also keep track of your next service/ cleaning so we can take the fuss out of enjoying healthier water!